Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Can you believe tomorrow is Halloween?  I certainly can't.  It seems like summer just ended, and yet it is already almost time to start getting ready for the winter holidays.  Yikes!!

If you are having a last minute Halloween get together, check out some of these adorable, super easy decorations.  Like I always say, the decorations really help make the make it a memorable night!
Half a pumpkin filled with ice...perfect festive way to keep drinks cold.
I've seen this pumpkin idea a few times this year, and it is so darn cute! Cut a whole and insert plastic vampire teeth...thats the easiest pumpkin carving you'll ever do!
Glue some black face cutouts on orange balloons.  Simple but very festive.
This would be so fun for an adult Halloween party! Black lights around the bar make for a spooky, fun atmosphere.
Fill hard with colored water and creepy things you find around the house.  Spooky specimen jars for your guests to wonder over.
Dip mini pumpkins in glitter.  Cute and sparkly way to decorate any room.
Tape a ghost cutout over a mirror for a surprise reflection!
Use goggly eyes to make some fun, goofy pumpkins!

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!!

All images via Martha Stewart

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