Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm So Vain...

Vanities.  A place to get ready in the morning.   To put on your face, fix your hair, and make all those finishing touches just right.  Where do you get ready in the morning?  I'm willing to bet that most people get ready standing in front of their bathroom mirror, probably in a hurry, and probably often dodging around other people in their attempts to get ready.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a place of your very own to sit and get ready in the morning, or for a fun night out?

My mom has a free-standing vanity/makeup table in her bedroom that I just adore.  It allows her to get ready sitting down, with a spot for her cup of coffee, places to hold her makeup, and drawers for all her other beauty needs.  I am so jealous as I have to stand in front of my bathroom counter, on the cold tile floors.  Check out these vanities, definitely making me dream harder for a little space like that to call my own.
A little space in the bathroom between the sinks, but with a chair for your use.  I love the peonies for a special pop of color.  Actually... I love this whole bathroom.
I love how this person layered some special family photos under a glass top on her vanity.  How special to be able to look down at your loved ones while you get ready.  There are so many personal touches on this vanity, from the pictures to the wheels to the is just perfect.  Couldn't imagine a better place to enjoy your morning coffee.

Again, a little spot tucked away in the bathroom.  This area makes great use of a somewhat awkward setup, and allows the lady of the house to get ready in leisure.

What about you...where do you get ready in the morning?

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