Monday, March 19, 2012

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage is definitely a trickily thing, particularly because many bathrooms are smaller than we would like them to be.  Between storing all of our bathroom products, as well as towels, extra toilet paper, things such as hairdryers, and whatever else you keep in the can run out quickly.  Here are some cute ideas to help maximize the storage space in your bathroom.
A hanging set of shelves offers decoration, as well as a great space for storage.  Add some cute baskets so that not everything is completely visible, and you have a totally stylish, visually appealing storage area.

The open shelving allows you to roll up towels and easily stick them onto the shelves for easy access.  I like the use of the different colored, but coordinating, towels.

I love ladder shelves! They are a great storage option in the bathroom, floor space allowing.

Adding large baskets to an open cabinet allow for lots of storage.  It gives the room a cute costal feel as well.

I love the alcove cutouts that have shelves! This really multiples your storage space, and adds visual interest.

Don't underestimate the use of freestanding storage, such as the use of these baskets.

Paint some crates and stagger them along the walls.  This makes a cute way to store some of your favorite products!

Do you have any great storage ideas for the bathroom?

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