Friday, March 9, 2012

Bedrooms Galore

Its no secret I love interior design.  I can spend hours looking through images online, saving images I like, and simply staring at certain beautifully designed rooms.  I have a huge collection of images saved onto my computer, images that I hope will be inspiration to me in the future.  Currently, I've been going over images of bedrooms like crazy.  Perhaps with spring in the air, I'm ready for some spring cleaning, and would love to make a change in my own bedroom.

Headboards have been my recent crazy lately, because they can really add such a change to your bedroom.   Of course, headboards range in price from fairly inexpensive to mega bucks, but they really can be a quick change to your room, offering that fix you have been looking for.  Check out some of these beautiful headboards.
Wall decals!  These can be fairly inexpensive, and can super quick change if desired!  With so many different decals out right now, I'm sure you could find something that suits your desire.  I love the flowers with the color scheme in this room.  It adds a pop of fun while adding some definite visual interest.

I'm not one to shy away from traditional wooden headboards that are part of a bedding set.  I think they look elegant and beautiful.  This room adds a fun pop above the headboard with the moose head.  Don't be afraid to add an unexpected element of fun into the bedroom.

I honestly love everything about this room, but the grandness of the bed is just stunning.  It truly is beautiful.  The simple bedding perfectly arranged adds to the beauty.  I wish I could have a bed like this.

Get creative.  Distressed old doors make a perfect headboard in this room.  Find objects that you can restore.  Repaint them, or leaving them in their original state, can really add some elements of interest into your room.

This headboard was done by framing squares of fabric into simple frames.  The look is fun and cheerful, and would be very easy to change!

I LOVE the pop of color added by this headboard.  Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. It can make all the difference in the world when you're trying to design your perfect space.

Again, a pop of green in an otherwise black and white room adds visual interest and some warmth with the color.

A large headboard for an obviously large room.  It is important to pay attention to scale when choosing a headboard, making sure it looks proportionate to the other furniture that will be in the room.

I love this headboard.  It is simple, but makes a statement.  Those gray pillows have me drooling as well.

This headboard extends vertically way beyond the edges of the bed.  I like it.

Does that not just look peaceful and relaxing?  Definitely a place where you could get a good nights sleep!

All images via HGTV

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