Monday, May 17, 2010


Alcove is an architectural term for a recess in a room, usually screened off by pillars, balustrades, or drapery. Just in case you were wondering. I love alcoves. I think they can make a room so unique and interesting, and it can be such fun finding some way to make use of such a little space.

I really like this little guy, it is organized perfectly to be a small office area in the kitchen. A perfect little corner for paying bills and keeping some paperwork organized in a convenient but pretty way.

Of course adding shelves and making alcoves into a bookshelf is a pretty popular way of displaying some goodies, but I love the use of the floating shelves and staggering them like in this picture. I love everything about this...the wallpaper is beautiful, and I love the shelves and their beautiful accessories. Just the right amount without being too cluttered.

Not really sure how much this space is a true alcove, but either way, I absolutely love it! It offers the perfect amount of storage and organization without being too cluttered, and is such a pretty space I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon sitting there and working.

I'm pretty sure this is a bedroom, and it makes the perfect storage spot for pillows and blankets and other bedroom accessories. Good thing they have such beautiful blankets!

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