Monday, March 21, 2011

More of My Favs...Ms. Olsen :)

Care to see more from my favorite, Ms. Candice Olsen?  Because lets face it, I could spend all day looking at her designs and dreaming the existed within my own home.  I feel like she is the perfect mix of modern and traditional, exuding an overall glamorous feel.  

Plus...she uses a chandelier in almost every room.
 Love that mirror over the fireplace

 Should I even bother saying it again?  White kitchen with a dark island?  HEAVEN! And I love the dual chandeliers and the wallpaper over the kitchen desk.  Pure love.

 This episode where she designs this room just blows my mind.  It is literally perfect.  From the chandeliers to the chairs and the perfect rug.  Plus the beautiful buffet setup with the perfect amount of storage.  
I spy quite the fun little snack corner.  Hello popcorn machine.

Dear Candice,
Please come design my entire future house.  It would be ever so appreciated.
Thanks much.


  1. Hi, great blog! SUCH a beautiful post, I love this house!! I found you through the Great Friends just Click hop. I'm now following you through (the spot for scathing book reviewws!) would love a follow back ^_^ Thanks!

  2. I'm your newest follower. Ahhh, I love Candice Olsen! We were meant to be blog friends. haha. Hope to see you around mine as well.

  3. I am now following you from the hop. I hope you are having a nice day. Please, follow me back. Amee Madame Deals.

  4. I'm all interior design.
    Those are so lovely!!!
    Following you from Good Friends blog hop and hope you can stop by!

    Happy Tuesday!

    PLUS: Great blog title.

  5. We have a white kitchen and just painted our island 'bittersweet chocolate"...LOVE it!!!
    I'm participating in the Good Friends just Click blog hop and I’m now the newest follower of your great site. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog, have a look around and maybe follow me back!!

  6. Wow, gorgeous! My favorite is the accent walls wallpapered in the kitchen!

    Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Click Blog Hop! New follower! I have lots of giveaways ending Thursday and I would love a follow back!


  7. Loverly! I want a chandelier in every room!!


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