Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program... starts tomorrow. WHAT?! I'm in serious serious denial. Normally I am all planned out, have my folders ready with my syllabuses printed and highlighted, my planners marked with everything, lunch made...set to go. Fast forward to this year...and nothing. My syllabuses are printed, literally that is it. Not even stapled together or anything. Yikes. I don't even know my whole schedule tomorrow. Class at 830 and I think I'm done at 3. Ouch.

But being back in school essentially needs being completely back in the blogging world. It gives me a great excuse to procrastinate everything, and since my computer is literally on and by my side all the time, its much easier. In my posts early I was talking about all the big changes and events that were coming up, so here are my quick recaps.

1. Moving. ALL MOVED IN! Well, almost. I still have a small piece of furniture to bring down and the last bit of unpacking and setting up, but we are essentially all moved. All my DIY projects from over the summer and completed and set up, so I will have lots of exciting posts this week!
2. 21st birthday! How exciting this was for me. I had a wonderful birthday night at Carnivale in downtown Chicago with my family (and plenty of drinks were had by all) and a get-together in the new apartment the next night with friends. Feels great to finally be legal.
3. Mom's surprise was just last night, and it went FANTASTIC! I could not be more thrilled with how everything turned out, and I cannot wait to share my pictures and everything. She was completely surprised and honestly today was still in shock, she just could not believe it. And I'm so relieved that it is all over.

So now I'm off to maybe staple some syllabuses together, make a lunch, and hopefully hit the hay. I have to be up at 630 tomorrow which is going to be a major shock to this girls system, so wish me luck! Lots of exciting posts to be shared, hopefully starting tomorrow if I survive the day!

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