Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Designer Lust: Erin Martin

I've got more pretty eye candy for you today.  I love Erin Martin Designs....they are all so unique!  I was looking through some of her portfolio tonight, and I was shocked by the differences between places.  Of course, there are some similarities, but she is definitely very versatile.  If you like what you see, check out her website, its pretty funny!  Definately different than the usual designer website, and I like it!  Without further ado...
 I would never get out of the bathtub.  Nope, I'd just refill it and refill it all day long.  And probably stare at that stunning chandelier! 

 I have a thing for dining room cabinets with some pretty designs over the class.  Seriously, I'm obsessed

I love the HUGE mirror over the bed for the headboard!
 My obsession with lighting continues here...
 And here.  Ugh, I lovee it!
 I like that this is tucked into the little corner.  Its like a secret, safe little spot to just relax.
Need I say more?

Love her work?  I certainly do!
All images via Erin Martin Design

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